Why Website Speed Is Important

Why Website Speed Is Important

Now people are more impatient than ever. The reason is that they have many options to choose from. They do not find any reason to spend time on a website that takes longer for loading when they can find similar data from anywhere else. Here are a few other reasons that make a website’s speed important.

Creates the First Impression

First impressions are vital for the success of your website. Your potential buyers will create the first impression on your business with your website speed. If it loads fast, they will spend some time and can consider your service or product if they find it worth spending. More importantly, they will revisit your website. Fast websites look more professional, reliable, and user-friendly. Slow websites will frustrate visitors and they will not consider visiting.

Enhanced User Experience

Fast websites play an important to offer an enhanced user experience. Two things are required to satisfy your users. These are relevant and simple contents and fast loading. If you will be able to offer both these, you can get an enhanced user experience and can build a trustworthy environment that is important for the success of any business.

Google Ranking

Your website speed can give you a high ranking. If Google finds that people are easily accessing your website and spending time on it, then you will get a high ranking. Google takes all these factors into considerations while ranking a website. Super speed, easy accessibility, and content will decide the ranking of your website. Search Engine Optimization is important for any website that wants to grow.

Things that Affect Your Website Speed

Some unnecessary features and functionalities can affect the speed of your website significantly. The template of your website has a great role. When it has some additional built-in features, it will affect loading. You can go for a custom website to add only essential features. Your website will load fast when it will not have to load unnecessary codes. Some other factors that affect your website speed are the following:

High-resolution images

Unoptimized images cause slow loading. High-resolution and huge images take longer to upload and that affects your website speed. There are many tools available only to help you with this. Remember, the longer it takes to load, the more frustrated the use will be. We are trying to avoid that.

Cheap Web Hosting

importance of website speed

Web hosting will also affect the speed of your website. If you choose a cheap website, it might save you money. But it will affect the overall result with slow loading. Therefore, it is important to choose a web hosting that offers some reliable features to ensure better usability, fast loading and enhanced user experience. It might be worthwhile working with web developers that know about webservers that can you set you up with dedicated server with Nginx or Apache running on it.

What are some of Website Speed Testing Tools?

There are many website speed testing tools. A few popular tools are GTMetrix, and Google’s PageSpeed Insights. These tools will not only help you to check your website speed, but they will also help with some insights to diagnose problems and fix them.

GTMetrix tool will help you to optimize your website data with some actionable information. All you need to do is to enter the URL of your website and then click on the “Analyze”. You will get all the required information within a couple of seconds. In fact, you can get individual scores of some specific features. Google PageSpeed Insight is a free tool. It will help you with a to-be improved list to boost the speed of your website.

Final thoughts

A slow loading website will affect your user experience, Google ranking, and overall success of your business. Therefore, make sure that your website loads quickly to ensure fast accessibility and to help you to get the desired visibility in the search engines.


Yuriy is a software developer by trade with over 5 years of experience. He has worked on large sites and has been fascinated by digital marketing and search engine optimization.

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